language and power

About a year ago I taught unit on language and power with 7th and 8th graders that felt like a risk, but the students stepped up to the challenge wonderfully. I found this essay recently that articulates what I was working towards in that unit. This essay directly addresses the needs of English Language Learners, but I think the critical skills should be shared with all learners, as well as the responsibility of using them to reshape our educational spaces. This type of language fluidity and hybridization is also already a natural part of young people's lives, so I think they are equipped and ready to run with it.

"Do We Need a Revolution in Educational Linguistics?"

What might it look like to treat institutional racism as the problem that needs to be modified rather than the linguistics practices of language-minoritized communities? What role might educational linguistics play in exposing the working of this institutional racism? How might educational linguistics help to lead a revolution that works to dismantle this institutional racism? These are all questions that I believe are worth pursuing.

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