Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

Welcome to Tuesday. Today we will learn about the word

REASONS, take a quiz, and enjoy some Read Aloud time. Yes!

DO NOW: Word of the Week

Be sure to complete all the steps!

Today's word is: reasons

1. Open your notebook to the back Vocab section

2. Write "reasons" as the next ​​word in your vocab list (below persuade)

3. Write the definition in the definition column.

You can use this one if you want:

4. Choose TWO of the videos/links below to look at. Notice what the opinion is and what REASONS they give for their opinion. Write some notes below your definition. (You may do this with a neighbor.)

* 5 Reasons Why Trumps Muslim Ban is Misguided

* 10 Reasons Why Soccer is Better than any other Team Sport

* 5 Reasons Why Spicy Food is Good for You

* 5 Reasons Why I'm Excited about the Nintendo Switch

* 6 Reasons Why You Should Learn Mandarin

* 5 Reasons Why You Should Take Drama Class in High School

* 3 Reasons the Cavs are Better with Kyle Korver

5. Next draw a picture that will help you remember the definition in the picture column.

6. When you finish, compare your definition and picture with at least three other people's

(If you have extra time, do something from the black folder in Schoology.)

collage by LT, 6th grader


1. Do Now: Word of the Week

2. Quiz in Schoology folder: Quiz 3: April 25, 2017

** If you finish the quiz early, do something in the black folder:

4. Read Aloud

5. Share/Closing

6. Clean up

Learning Goals:

Students can explain what a reason is.

Students can identify ways people support their opinions with reasons.

Students can listen to a story and depict key events.


READ for at least 20 minutes: a book, news articles, RAZ kids, movie reviews, music reviews, or get more ideas here.

See you tomorrow!

Ms. Kesti

P.S. See how Lady Gaga uses the word "reasons" in a song. Does she say what any of the reasons are?

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