Thursday, April 20th, 2017

Yeahhhhh Thursday! Today we'll have Read Aloud, our first Reading Group meetings, and some work time to catch up and move forward. Here we go!

​DO NOW: Read Aloud

Please grab a note card from the supply table. You also need a container of markers for your table.

* Write your name on one side of the notecard.

* Draw a scene from today's reading on the other side. (It's okay to add words, too.)


1. Do Now: Read Aloud

2. Agenda/Announcements

3. Riddles

4. Introduce Reading Groups & Meet for the first time!

5. Work Time:

  • late quizzes

  • writing/reading activities

  • Creative Mission #1

  • DEAR

6. Clean up

Learning Goals:

Students can visualize and respond to a story.

Students can form an opinion topic and come up with good questions to ask others about the topic.

Students can support each other in their reading habits.

Students can answer questions and discuss their independent reading.


READ for at least 20 minutes: a book, news articles, RAZ kids, movie reviews, music reviews, or get more ideas here.

See you tomorrow!

Ms. Kesti

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