Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

Welcome to Wednesday! Great to see you again.

Today we will DEAR, do a video response journal, and work on Creative Mission #1.

​DO NOW: D.E.A.R (20 min.)

  • Find a comfortable place to sit

  • Don’t bother anyone

  • If someone is bothering you, politely let them know

  • READ a book, don’t just pretend to read a book 🙃


1. Do Now: DEAR

2. Agenda/Announcements

3. ~mindfulness~

4. Video Response: Should kids clean the school? 4/19/17

5. Work time: Creative Mission #1: You need the purple sheet!

6. Clean up

Learning Goals:

Students can respond to an argument.

Students can identify ways people persuade each other.

Students can form an opinion and come up with good questions to ask others about the opinion.

Students can choose a book that is challenging and engaging.


READ for at least 20 minutes: a book, news articles, RAZ kids, movie reviews, music reviews, or get more ideas here.

See you tomorrow!

Ms. Kesti

P.S. Here's the video if you want to watch it again:

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