Friday, March 31, 2017

Today we will reflect, share projects, finish up any last work, and have final circle.


Grab the purple sheet from the supply table and fill it out thoughtfully.

Find a place to sit that works for you.



1. REFLECTION: purple sheet

2. PRESENTATIONS: Final presentations of Informational Texts

3. WORK TIME: Catch up on any late work, do bonus work, sign up for a Q4 job

4. CIRCLE: Our final circle of the quarter


Relax and read! Enjoy your break!

Learning Goals

Students can create and present an interesting and informative teaching text.

Students can reflect on their own work and learning and make goals for next quarter.

Students can own their classroom experience by taking on roles in the community.

HAPPY SPRING BREAK! I'll miss you.

Ms. Kesti

P.S Looking for things to read or do over break? Check out the other parts of this website. Look for books on Overdrive. Go to your local library! :-)

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