Thursday, March 30, 2017

Today we will continue enjoy learning from each other as you share your projects with the class.


1. Grab your note sheet from Monday

2.Find a seat facing the screen where you can:


* Not be bothered

* Not bother anyone



1. Presentations / Listen, Watch, Reflect

2. Catch up on any late work! I'll give you missing work reports. Prioritize projects and quizzes.


Relax and read!

Catch up on any late work--especially projects & quizzes!

Learning Goals

Students can create and present an interesting and informative teaching text.

Students can take notes during a presentation.

Students can reflect on their own work and learning.

One more day till break!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ms. Kesti

P.S. Super-Charge your Grade!

* Complete any of these questions in writing or in SeeSaw to boost your grade. Please read the instructions first. (You can also get a paper copy in class.)

* Do a second Reading Life interview with someone 14 years old or older. Here are the questions.

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