Wednesday, March 15th, 2017



Set up a new journal page: Video Response: Group Work 3/15/17.

We'll watch a video together and then you'll have 7 min. to respond.

Questions to think about:

* Which person are you? Are you always the same person? * Which person most annoys you?

* What are the positives of group work?

* What are the negatives?


1. Do Now: Video Response

2. Work Time: Use the planning sheet to gather all the information you will include in your project. Then get to work on it!

Learning Goals:

Students can reflect on their role/s in school projects.

Students can develop their thinking through writing.

Students can work alone or together to research their Informational Text topic and plan project execution.


READ for at least 20 minutes: a book, news articles, RAZ kids, movie reviews, music reviews, or get more ideas here.

**Reminder: Your Reading Life Interview is due on Friday.

You can do it!

Ms. Kesti

P.S. This was today's video. Which person are you?

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