Monday, March 13, 2017

Happy Monday!

DO NOW (10 min.)

We are going to start with writing today.

Please start a new journal entry titled:

"What I know so far about ______________"

(fill in the blank with your social issue topic)

Be ready to go in three minutes. I'll give writing prompts to the whole class. You'll have about 3 minutes for each prompt.



1. Medium-Long Write: What do I know so far?

2. Project Planning Notes: Use your writing and your notes to figure out what you know and where you are going

3. D.E.A.R.


Read for at least 20 minutes. Look here if you need something new to read.

**Reminder: Your Reading Life interview is due this Friday.***

Learning Goals

Students can collect what they know about their research topic in writing.

Students can begin to organize what they already know about their topic and figure out where to go next.

Students can choose a book that is engaging and readable.


Bonus Writing Activity:

What do you think this week's quote means? Write a journal entry exploring what you think it means. Do you agree with it?

See you soon,

Ms. K

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