Thursday, March 2, 2017

Americans with Disabilities Act protest action

DO NOW: Quiz Take the 3/2 Check-in Quiz on Schoology

> Courses > Reader's Workshop

> March 2nd Check-in Quiz

If you finish early, grab the sheet from the supply table and work on that OR D.E.A.R.

You have ~20 minutes for the above activities.



1. Quiz


3. Social Issues Project Prep

4. Work on Videos, Protest Signs, or try Spark Video

Learning Goals:

* Students can use concepts and vocabulary learned in class to answer questions. * Students can identify social issues that they care about.

* Students can take on the challenge of finding books that are enjoyable and readable.

* Students can conduct interviews and conversations using academic language.


Work on your History Day Conversation Video (due Monday) and your Reading Life Interview Video (due 3/17). (Links to the assignment sheet were sent to you by email yesterday.)

Turn them in by the end of the day Friday for FOUR bonus points on each one that you turn in!

See you Monday! (Don't come to school tomorrow.) ;-)

Ms. Kesti

P.S. If you need more writing ideas, check out the Writing Ideas! tab above! One idea would be to write about the Americans with Disabilities act here and respond in a journal entry. You can write your journals in SeeSaw or in your notebook.

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