Thursday, February 23, 2017

​DO NOW: Keyboarding Speed Test / Quiz Catch-up / Madlibs

Go to:

Select 2 minute typing test and the theme of your choice.

After you take the test, take a screenshot of your speed and upload to SeeSaw--put in the Keyboarding folder.

Then: If you've missed any quizzes in schoology, take those when you are done uploading your screenshot.

Once you are caught up on quizzes, you may do madlibs with a classmate. :-)

You have ~20 minutes for the above activities.



1. Keyboarding Speed Test & Quiz catch-up

2. Boycott Research (links below) & Sharing

3. Library time!

Learning Goals:

* Students can improve their typing proficiency with practice.

* Students can independently conduct research on boycotts, learning more about what a boycott is.

* Students can tell others about their research.

* Students can take on the challenge of finding books that are enjoyable and readable.


READ for at least 20 minutes: a book, news articles, RAZ kids or get more ideas here.

Way to go, students!

Ms. Kesti


BOYCOTT Questions and Links:

Label your notebook entry: Boycotts 2/23/17

Today's research questions (use the links below):

1. What is an example of ONE boycott? What did people boycott and why?

2. How was the boycott effective? and/or In what ways was it unsuccessful?

3. Do you think the boycott was a good idea?

4. What opinions did people have at the time? Try to find at least one opinion for the boycott, and one against.

Look at some of the links below and then choose one to take notes on. Google the event if you need more information.

Look for trustworthy sources--if you aren't sure, ask for help.

Boycotts in History (PBS)

"Do Boycotts Really Work?" (The Guardian)

"History of Successful Boycotts" (Ethical Consumer)

"School Lunch Boycott" (take

"The Long History of Olympic Boycotts" (

"5 of the most Influential Protests in History" (

"Black Athletes Protest at the 1968 Olympics" (BBC)

"Montgomery Bus Boycott" (with video) (

"Nestle Baby Formula Boycott" (The Guardian)

"Do Boycotts Work?" (radio podcast episode and transcript) (Freakonomics)

"Students Boycott State Test" (Seattle Times)

'A Day Without Immigrants' Promises A National Strike Thursday (NPR)

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