Friday, February 17, 2017

It's Friday again!


Prepare for Circle:

Your Do Now is to write your letter to me in Seesaw as your preparation for circle.

Your letter should include:

* What was most interesting to you this week in this class? What are you still thinking about?

* Who did you help this week? and/or Who helped you?

* Look at "This week's quote" on the chalkboard. What do you think the poet Lucille Clifton meant by this poem? What does it make you think about?

* What else do you want me to know about you worked on in this class this week?



1. Do Now: Circle Prep (15 minutes)

2. Circle Discussion

3. Catch-up, Upload, and Score your writing

* Catch up on any late work, quizzes, etc. (Look in Campus.)

* Upload all writing assignments from this week. Make sure they all have titles and dates at the top. (See whiteboard or list below.)

* Score each of the entries you uploaded on the grey sheet and turn it into the basket.


* Long Write: Social Justice and Activism

* New Vocab Word: activist

* Video Response: cultural appropriation

* Reading Non-fiction

* Letter to Ms. Kesti

* Letter to Ms. Kesti

* Did you take the quiz this week?

(Schoology> Reader's Workshop> Blue folder)


READ for at least 20 minutes per day: a book, news articles, RAZ kids or get more ideas here.

If you need/want more writing points check out some of the ideas here.

Learning Goals

Students can reflect on their work and learning from the week.

Students can form opinions about and increase their understanding of social issues.

Students can conduct independent research on new topics.

Students can learn from each other by speaking and listening.

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Kesti

P.S. For a bonus writing idea, check out the social issue poster below and read about the artist Keith Haring.

​ Then write a journal in response to his work:

* Do you like how his art looks?

* What pictures or symbols does he use in the posters?

* Would you notice this poster or graffiti if you were walking down a city street?

* Why do you think he used street art to promote his message?

* Are pictures a good way to tell a story about a social issue? Why or why not?

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