Thursday, February 15, 2017

​DO NOW: Feb. 16 Check-in Quiz

Go to: Schoology > Reader's Workshop > Quarter 3 Folder >

Feb. 16 Check-in Quiz

If you've missed other quizzes, you need to take those first.

Once you are caught up on quizzes, you may work on a reading bookmark--please do a gold one! :-)

You have ~20 minutes for the above activities.



1. Quiz - Schoology

2. Non-fiction Reading Practice--partner or solo

3. Share Research

4. (if time) Work on Reading Bookmarks

Learning Goals:

Students can recall and use key concepts from the last week.

Students can use specific skills to access non-fiction texts.

Students can explain what they have read.

Students can make book recommendations to peers.


READ for at least 20 minutes: a book, news articles, RAZ kids or get more ideas here.

You are doing great work.


Ms. Kesti

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