Monday, February 13, 2017

Nice to see you all again!

DO NOW (15 min.)

Hours 1 and 3:

Grab a purple self-scoring sheet on your way into class. Look at your journal entries from last week and score each one from 1-4. Make sure they are all uploaded to Seesaw. Turn the purple sheet into the work basket.

Hour 2:

If you need to finish the purple sheet from Friday or upload anything to Seesaw, you may do so now.

If you finished those on Friday, then you can choose to do Keyboard practice OR do some google research on Social Issues that are interesting to you.



1. Do Now: Self-score & Upload; Social Issue Research

2. Learn about the Video Conversation assignment and practice

3. D.E.A.R.


Same as before! Read for at least 20 minutes. Click READING IDEAS! above if you need something new to read.

Learning Goals

Students can look at their own writing and assess it using a rubric.

Students can make goals for their own writing.

Students continue to follow their curiosity about social issues.

Students can begin to verbally explain their History Day projects with someone.


Bonus Writing Activity:

Write a journal about what you think Lucille Clifton means in the poem below. Also--why do you think she chooses not to use capital letters?

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