Friday, February 10, 2017

It's Friday!


Prepare for Circle:

Get out your notebook and talk with one or two classmates about the issues we covered this week. Look over what you wrote. Did they write the same things as you? Different things?

You may also look at the posters in the hall and discuss them.

On the board you will find some of our circle questions. Take a look at those, too. Share your ideas with each other.



1. Do Now: Circle Prep (10 minutes)

2. Circle Discussion

3. Write Ms. K a letter in Seesaw:

IN THIS CLASS THIS WEEK: What did you do this week? What did you learn about? What are you thinking about? What did you write? What did you create? What did you discuss? Who did you listen to?

5. Catch-up, Upload, and Self-Score

* Catch up on any late work, quizzes, etc. (Look in Campus.)

* Upload any writing or other assignments from this week. (See whiteboard)

* Score each of the entries you uploaded on the purple sheet and turn it into the basket.


* Child Labor four box notes

* New Vocab Word: non-fiction

* Youth Activist: Maya Penn

* Youth Activism/Activists (one or two articles)

* Letter to Ms. Kesti

* Make sure you took the quiz this week, too.

(Schoology> Reader's Workshop> Blue folder)


READ for at least 20 minutes per day: a book, news articles, RAZ kids or get more ideas here.

Learning Goals

Students can communicate what they've read to their classmates.

Students can form opinions about social issues.

Students can conduct independent research on new topics.

Students can form ideas about what teen activism is.


BONUS WORK: Read the illustrated poem below and write a journal in response to it. The poem was written by Langston Hughes in 1943 and published in the Saturday Evening Post. The illustrated version you see below was created recently.

What do you see? What do you wonder? What do you think?

Who is the poem speaking to? About?

How does it relate to what you read about #muslimban?

How does it relate to your life?

How would you illustrate your ideas?


Have a great weekend!

Ms. Kesti

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