Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

Good morning! I'm off learning new teacher things today. Please be kind and helpful to the sub. :-)

DO NOW: Word of the Week:


1. Open your notebook to the back Vocab section you started last week

3. Watch the video below

4. Then: write the definition in the definition column--use the on in the video, your own words, or use dictionary.com

5. Then: draw the definition in the drawing column

6. When you finish, compare your definition with at least three other people's


1. Do Now: Word of the Week

2. Keyboarding Practice

3. A trip to the library! (finally!)

Learning Goals:

Students can explain the difference between fiction and non-fiction.

Students can keyboard more efficiently than before.

Students can find books to read that are challenging and interesting.


READ for at least 20 minutes: a book, news articles, RAZ kids or get more ideas here.

See you tomorrow!

Ms. Kesti

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