Wednesday, February 1, 2017

DO NOW: Keyboarding Practice & Test (~20 minutes)

Go to and practice keyboarding--start where you last left off.

After about 20 minutes, the Guest Teacher will tell you take a typing test at Take one or two tests.

Screenshot your speed and upload to Seesaw > Keyboarding Tests folder.

If you finish early, study our vocab words (click here)


ACTIVITY: Reading the News (~30 minutes)

1. Get your notebook and a copy of the article on the supply table. (You will return the article later so take good care of it.)

2. Read the article once.

3. Start a new journal entry in your notebook.

Title it "Child Homelessness" 2/1/17

4. Read the article again. This time take notes on the big ideas in the article. Take at least a half page of notes.

5. Draw a line below your notes. Answer the following questions. The more you write, the more points you get:

1. Based on what you read, why are is homelessness a big problem for children?

2. Based on what you read, where do homeless families usually live?

3. What other problems do homeless children have?

4. What do you think we should do about child homelessness?

BONUS: On a new page, write a one-page response to this article.

If you finish early, study our vocab words (click here). QUIZ is tomorrow. You may also choose to read quietly.



1. Do Now: Keyboarding

2. Reading the News activity

3. Study for vocab / Independent Reading


Read for at least 20 minutes. (RAZ kids counts.)

See you soon!

Ms. K

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