Tuesday, January 31, 2017

DO NOW: Word of the Day (~10 minutes)

Open your writing notebook to the back of the back page.

Label the top VOCABULARY.

Below that make 3 columns: WORD Definition Picture

Today you will enter your first word.

Today's word is killjoy. Watch this video to find out what it means:

Then write the definition under "definition" after watching the video.

Then draw your own picture definition of the word under "picture."

You have completed your DO NOW adventure for today!

If you finish early, study our vocab words (click here)



1. Do Now

2. Jobs Review

3. Riddle break

4. Get your projects back. Answer two questions on Schoology Quiz:

(Remember to choose the black & white Reader's icon)

Quarter 2 Project Reflections Quiz

5. If you have extra time, study for the vocab test or finish your notes and opinion on the #muslimban.


Read for at least 20 minutes.

See you soon!

Ms. K

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