Monday, January 30th, 2017

Hello Sixth-and-a-half Graders!

Welcome back for second semester!

This week we will be settling in to new seats, figuring out what our classroom jobs will be, and getting ready to dive in to non-fiction reading and writing work.

One new thing we are going to try is having the "Do Now" posted here on the blog each day. When you get to class, you'll go to and look at that day's post to find out what to do. Think of it as a little adventure to begin the class. In fact, let's call it "Today's Adventure!"


{DO NOW} Today's Adventure:

You may have heard that over the weekend the President banned certain people from certain countries from entering the United States. ​​

Get out your writing notebook and get ready to take some notes.

Title your page: #muslimban and add today's date: 1/30/2017.

For the next 15 minutes or so:


1. Read and watch news clips about the ban--

choose from any of the links here (click), and be sure to read/watch more than one article or clip. Write/draw notes as you watch and read--who is involved? Why is this happening? What are the issues being discussed?

2. After about 15 minutes. look over your notes and write down your opinion about the executive order:

"I agree with the ban because..."

or "I disagree with the ban because..."

3. Then talk with one or two people around you about the opinion you came up with and the evidence you used to decide what your opinion would be.


Today's Class Agenda:

1. Get new seats

2. Do Now Adventure (above)

3. Practice Quiz--Narrative Vocab:

Schoology> Reader's Workshop> Blue Folder> "Narrative Vocab Quiz--formative/midway"

4. If time: expectations Kahoot!


Read something for 20 minutes. STUDY NARRATIVE VOCAB!

Let's have a great Quarter 3!

Ms. K

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