Thursday 12/1/16

Hey everyone,

Today we:

1. Read in RAZ Kids--you should all have a log in now!

2. Took a stretch break and reviewed the homework board

3. Wrote in our Journals: "What's on your mind?" OR "If you could go anywhere, where would you go and why?"

4. Learned how to use Schoology to have a discussion.


Go to Reader's Workshop in COURSES in Schoology app.

POST as directed.

REPLY to at least 3 other student's posts. Your reply should be a full thought, not just "Yes" or "agree."


"I agree with you because......" "I can remember this part of the story that also proves this...." or "I disagree with you because..."

Your post and replies should be up by 7:30 am Friday.

Have a great night!

Ms. K

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