Friday 11/11/16

Happy Friday!

At the end of the day today you'll have made it through your first quarter of 6th grade. Way to go!

Your 3 drafts should be updated to schoology by 5pm today. See yesterday's post if you have questions on how to do it.

Today you'll take two short tests and fill out a survey for me. Then you should have extra time for finishing up your drafts and uploading them. (Maybe some of you will have time to get to the library.)

NO HOMEWORK this weekend! Rest up before the new quarter. Enjoy the nice weather.

--Ms. K

P.S. 1st hour and part of 3rd hour--if you are bored this weekend, download the RAZ kids app. You can log in with your first name and your lunch number after choosing teacher username jkesti. I have your many of your accounts set up! This is a cool app that will give you things to read and will even read it to you.

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