Thursday 11/10/16

Hey all--

Tomorrow is the last day of the quarter so read this note carefully.

STUDY for your test tomorrow:

> Use the Narrative Vocab Quizlet

> Use the Crossover Quizlet

> Use the Kahoot!

> Use your Crossover notes from class

** Bring your Crossover notes to class tomorrow--you can use them on the test!

FINISH your drafts:

You must upload drafts 1, 2, and 3 to schoology by 5pm (in the evening) on Friday.

**This must be 3 separate documents! There should be change and growth between each draft.

**If your first draft was on paper, take a photo of it.

The test and the drafts make up MOST of your quarter one grade so take them seriously!

But don't forget to breathe:

--Ms. K


Download the schoology App to your iPad.

Use the "username" log-in method. Use your s number and your password.

Type in Humboldt High School.

Make sure you choose the Humboldt in St. Paul, MN!!!

Click the three bars in the upper Left.

Choose Resources.

Click Google Drive. Log in. Allow them to connect.

Click the three bars again and choose Recent Activities.

On the right you will see links to submit 3 drafts--1st Draft, 2nd Draft, 3rd Draft.

Click on 1st Draft to upload your first draft.

Click Submissions tab in upper right.

Click the + sign.

Add from Resources.

Choose Google Drive.

Check the small box by the 1st draft.

Click "Import" then "Import"


Click Submit!

Now go back and do the same for your 2nd and 3rd draft.

(Video version here if you think better that way.)

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