Tuesday 11/8/16

Happy Election Day! Think good thoughts.

Today's Agenda:

1. DO NOW: 1st & 2nd Hour: Kahoots Quiz Game! / 3rd Hour: Two Quizlets to practice for Friday's test: Narrative Vocab / Crossover

2. WORK TIME: Continue to revise your stories.

* You should be writing in the google doc titled "2nd Draft"

* Use the posters, peer review notes, and your self-editing packet to guide you in your revision

Remember, revision means "to see again"--try to see your story with new eyes and notice what will make it better.


Continue revising your 2nd draft. Do you have a beginning, a middle with lots of detail, and an end?

LATE work is due by the end of the day Wednesday.

If you are feeling ahead of the game, you can start to upload your 1st and 2nd draft versions in Schoology. We'll talk more about this tomorrow.

Email me with questions! julie.kesti@spps.org

--Ms. K

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