Friday 11/4/16

Happy Friday!

Today's agenda:

* Tape memoir tips into your writing notebook

* The Crossover Read Aloud (be sure to take notes for next week's test!)

* Work Time: Now that you've completed the Self-Edit packet, you may start a 2nd draft and make the changes you came up with in the Self-Edit packet. (The 2nd draft should be a whole new google doc.)

* If you make good changes to your 2nd draft, have a full beginning, middle, and end, you may do some practice for the test next Friday: Narrative Vocab Quizlet / Crossover Quizlet


* If you haven't completed the Self-Edit packet on your first draft, do this!

* Then use it to guide you in creating and improving your 2nd draft.

* Everyone else: rest, relax, and read! You could also study with the quizlets above.

Have a great weekend,

Ms. K

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