Thursday 11/3/16

Hey Thursday Kiddos,

Today we watched a video on "What makes a good story?" Suggestions by the video guy were:

* A character the reader is interested in and cares what happens to them--they don't have to be perfect but the reader should be able to connect to them. In your writing, the main character is YOU. You can help the reader get invested in you by telling them how you were thinking and feeling at that time.

* Conflict--a conflict means there are opposing forces. Maybe two people disagree, or someone has to make a decision, or someone has to do something they don't want to do...something to create an interesting tension in the story. Remember he said that you see what people are really like in a time of distress. (And I think you know a person or two who finds drama fascinating, right?)

* Stakes--Not like steak the meat, but stakes like: something that's at risk. Maybe the character has to make a hard choice, or might-win-but-might-lose, or...something is at risk and this makes it interesting to see how the character will deal with this situation.

* So what? Why is this story worth telling? How does the character grow or change? People face challenges all the time that cause them to grow and change--and these events usually make great stories.

As a reminder, if you are stuck on how to make your story more meaningful, check out this list.


* Once you have at least 3/4 of page or more of your first draft, move on to your Self-Edit Round One packet (that should be in your backpack). Finish the front and back of the first page BEFORE class tomorrow. It involves making some notes and changing some things on your document.

* If you are caught up with those items, spend some time thinking about the elements you saw in the video and how they related to your story.

See you tomorrow!

Ms. K

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