Wed. 11/2/16

Today you received helpful (I hope) feedback on your writing pre-assessments continued to work on your drafts.

Some of you still haven't finished your first draft. If that's you, you should finish it tonight--get at least 2 pages that tell the beginning to end of a memory from your life.

Remember, a first draft is the first attempt at writing the story. It doesn't need to be complete or perfect. You'll have time in your 2nd and 3rd try to make it better.

For those of you who finished your first draft, you then started the Self-Editing packet. As you work through this packet, you will get an idea of what you can work on to make your writing even better in your 2nd draft. We'll work on this more tomorrow.

***The deadlines for the end of the quarter are in the right-hand side-bar------>


If you haven't finished your first draft, get a version of it done TONIGHT! (It was due Tuesday.)

If you have a first draft ready to edit, you should read tonight (or work on the Self-Edit packet if you are excited about that.)

See you tomorrow!

--Ms. K

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