Tuesday 11/1/16

Today you worked with a guest teacher while I met with some of you for individual reading testing.

Here's what was on the agenda:

* DO NOW: Practicing our vocabulary words about narratives

* Continue working on your draft. (There was another step to this that we will do tomorrow.)

* Finish typing your first draft and/or Start your 2nd draft

NOTE: When you start your 2nd draft, make a new doc. You can either make a copy of the one you titled "Personal Narrative-1st Draft" or you can copy and paste that text into a new document and title it "Personal Narrative-2nd Draft." DO NOT just type over your first draft--you want to have both versions.

If you are new to Google Docs, check out this site for a basic introduction: https://gsuite.google.com/learning-center/products/docs/get-started/


Give yourself 20-30 minutes to read. Notice what you *love* about your book. What does the author do well? Do you picture the scenes in your mind as you read?

See you tomorrow!

--Ms. K

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