Thursday 10/27/16

Good afternoon, students!

Today was library day. Hooray!

You did some research at the beginning of class on the Book Wizard. I hope that gave you some ideas of books to look for in the library. If you want to try it again, just go back to that site, click on Book Wizard, and type in your book. Then click the "Book Alike" button. The Book Wizard doesn't have every book, but it probably has something that you've read and liked. This is a good way to explore other book titles you don't know about yet.

I hope you found something great to read at the library.


Work on your first draft of your story from your life (personal narrative). Remember this process is 80% of your grade. It is worth putting your best effort into it!

By now you should have finished your Pre-writing and moved onto drafting your story. Maybe you drew a storyboard first, or maybe you decided to just start writing. Remember to double-space to you can add notes and comments later.

I won't see you tomorrow, but I hope you have a great day with the sub. Please be kind and helpful.


Ms. K

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