Monday 10/24/16

Welcome back!

Today we:

* took a pre-test about vocabulary related to narratives

* learned about our "summative" writing assessment for 1st quarter--a 3-4 page story you will write that is your final "test" for this quarter--all the steps together are worth 80% of your grade. There are 5 steps that we will be working on the next two weeks.

* started step 1: Pre-writing. If you are stuck for ideas, remember to think about something SPECIFIC from your life--not "all my trips to Iowa" but a very specific trip to Iowa that you remember really well. LOOK HERE for more ideas!

* Then we read from The Crossover--you took notes that you can use on your quiz next week. (Except in hour 3--we'll do this tomorrow.)


Read at least 30 pages.

All late work due Nov. 3rd!

We get iPads tomorrow. A whole new world....

--Ms. K

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