make your own fidget

I made some new fidgets for our classroom today. (Some were broken/lost this week.) "Fidgets" give you something to do with your hands during class time. For some people, this really helps them focus and learn better.

Maybe you want to make your own to take from class-to-class? It was pretty simple. We'll see how these hold up to daily use next week--if you do break it you will soon be covered in baking soda, so fidget gently. ;-)


* a balloon

* baking soda (I also used cornstarch as you'll see--but baking soda was easier to work with)

* a funnel or a piece of paper and some tape to make your own funnel

* maybe some newspaper or scratch paper to cover your table--it's a little messy


1. Make a funnel out of a piece of paper by curling it into a cone. Secure with tape.

2. Put the small end of the funnel in the balloon opening. You may want the balloon to rest on your table to make it easier.

3. Gently pour baking soda into the funnel--if your hands are too small to do all this, invite someone to work with you.

4. Gently shake the contents down into the balloon.

5. Repeat until the balloon is full up to the neck of the balloon.

6. Tie the balloon, making sure you haven't trapped any air inside.

Now you have your own fidget!

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