Friday 10/14/16

Happy Friday!

Today we reviewed our Crossover quizzes and you had a chance to work with your classmates to make sure you all knew all the answers. I've added your bonus points to the grade book in campus.

We continued reading The Crossover and you were able to take notes that you can use on the next quiz.

In 1st and 2nd hour we revisited Sandra Cisneros' short story Eleven and talked about things like:

* how her use of descriptive language makes a picture in the reader's mind

* how she spends a few paragraphs just drawing us into the feeling of the story before she gets to the action--a story doesn't have to list out every event that happens, and is often more interesting if you don't.

Start thinking about what you might want to write for your final Personal Narratives (stories from your lives.) What has happened to you that was memorable? That changed you? That made you see things differently?

HOMEWORK: Keep reading!

By Monday, do two entries in an Evidence/Thought chart for two passages from your book. Do them on any piece of paper. You should have the sample we did together in class in your folder...but you can also look at the picture below.

The "passages" from your book should be two to three sentences each.

Write the sentences exactly, plus the book title and page number on the left side. Then write in your own words on the right what you think when you read those sentences. I'll collect these on Monday.

Have a great weekend!

Ms. K

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