Thursday 10/13/16

LIBRARY DAY! Hooray! You all did a great job in the library today. You quietly looked for books, you found new books you didn't even know about before, and you read with your friends. Nice work.

Remember--next week is a short week so we won't have a Library Day. Hopefully you checked out some books that will last you more than a day or two. You should still be keeping up with your daily reading goal (or 40-60 pages a day). If you are going super fast through books, considering looking for more challenging options. Mr. L and I can help you with that.

HOMEWORK: Keep reading! Also, by Monday, do two entries in an Evidence/Thought chart for two passages from your book. You should have the sample we did together in your folder. A "passage" from your book should be two to three sentences. Write the sentences exactly, plus the book title and page number. Then write in your own words what you think when you read those sentences. If you have questions, ask me on Friday. I'll collect these on Monday.

See you tomorrow!

Ms. K

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