Friday 10/7/16

Big thanks to those of you who were helpful and respectful during two days of MANY substitute teachers! If you weren't one of those people, please spend a few minutes thinking about what you can do to be more cooperative the next time there is a sub. Having subs is part of school life--while it's hard to have a change, it is going to happen and you can be proactive in making it a positive experience.

Today we went on a writing adventure in hours 1 and 2 and did an in-class version in hour three.

You reflected and talked with a partner about the last two days of your life: What happened? What was the same as your normal what was different with all these new adults in your day? What is something funny that happened? What is something that made you mad? Then we spent some time writing. This should be your 10th Notebook entry, titled "Sub Days." (Some of you may have extra journal entries and that is great!)

HOMEWORK: Read! Read! Read! Read! Read! in your choice books. Try to your your daily goal # of pages each day. (You should have this on the bottom of your reading record in your folder.)

If you have missing work or are behind on your journal entries, work on those. You can see all the journal entries by clicking on the "NOTEBOOK ENTRIES" link at the top of this page.

Have a wonderful weekend! Get out and enjoy the beautiful weather!

--Ms. K

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