Tuesday 10/4/16

Today we had a Read Aloud from The Crossover by Kwame Alexander. There may be a quiz on this soon, so be sure you are listening during Read Aloud time.

Then we had a reading lesson, to practice how we think aloud as we read. You should have put the sheet in a safe place so that you have it as a helpful guide in the future. Some of you left it in the classroom--if so it is on the "lost and found" shelf in the pile for your hour. This is on the bottom shelf on the right side when you walk into the class. (Two shelves below the loaner pencils.)

In some classes you had time to read and to practice making a Reading Notes entry. Remember you use about 2 sentences from your book as "evidence" and then write what you think the passage is saying in your own words. What are you thinking as you read that passage? Practicing this skill will help you as you read more challenging books.

At the end of class we played Guest Teacher Bingo! to help us remember all the ways we can be kind and helpful to the Guest Teacher (substitute) the next two days. I expect to read great reports on Friday! I know you will use all your inner kindness to make the class a great place to be.


* Read at least 20 pages or your Personal Page Goal that you wrote on the bottom of your Reading Record.

* Update your Reading Log with any reading you've done lately

* {Repeat from yesterday:} Due Friday: In your notebook/journal, choose a new topic from your heart map and write at least a page about it.

Let me know if you have questions.

See you Friday!

--Ms. K

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