Below is a list of all of our journal for quarter one and two.  In quarter 3 and 4 most of the writing assignments will be done in class. If you miss a day, just look at that date on daily posts and homework and find out what you missed. Any materials you need will be in the white bin below the turn-in basket.

You are always welcome to do extra writing for writing points. Look for ideas on the Writing Ideas! page or write about whatever you are thinking about right now. Just be sure to date and title each page to guide me into your writing. Upload all entries to Seesaw.

You have until the end of each quarter to make up any missed or incomplete entries. If you do, mark them with a post-it before the next notebook check so I know to look at them and update your Journal Check score.


* This quarter you will upload journals to the Seesaw App in the JOURNALS folder.​  Write in the app itself, or upload a photo of your hand-written journal.

* You need to earn 128 writing points this quarter. Each journal is worth up to 4 points--3 for meeting the requirements of the entry, and 4 for going above-and-beyond.  There will also be other activities which are worth writing points.


You should bring your notebook to class every day! 

Remember to title and date each entry in the top margin of the page so I know which prompt you are responding to.  You may write as many extra entries of your own choosing as you want.

Quick Writes:  In our quick writes you want to keep your pen moving the whole 7 minutes.  The writing can be informal--what you see, hear, and think about--even if you stray from the main idea of the video. You can list, write half sentences, or draw--just get down as many ideas as possible. See where you mind takes you!  If you get stuck on what to say, write ABC's or spirals until you think of more to say. We want to build our writing STAMINA: the ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort--in other words, the ability to think and do more.




1) 11/16 DO NOW TOPICS-- Write at least one page double-spaced (total):

   * Describe the most delicious food you've ever eaten.

   * Describe something difficult you had to do. How did you do it?

   * Describe the plot of a book or a movie. (plot = the sequence of events = what happened)

2) 11/22 Answer a question from the QUESTIONS for MEMOIRISTS LIST that is taped in your notebook

3) 12/1 What's on your mind? OR If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

4) 12/7 "We push through" (video) Quick Write

5) 12/9  Write 1-2 pages about an event that changed your life or new topic of your choice. (Up to 16 writing points.)

6) 12/13 Write a letter to Ms. K telling her something she doesn't know about your

7) 12/16 Write about something on the Writing Ideas! page of this website (or topic of your choice)

8) 12/21 Choose a topic from the Writing Ideas page of this website or topic of your choice

9) 1/3 Tell me about your winter break

10) 1/7 Vietnam War--video response

11) 1/13 MLK--video response

12) 1/18 Chopsticks--video response



1)  "Something I Like" -- Write 3-5 sentences about one thing that you like.


2) "What I'm Reading" -- Write one to two paragraphs telling me about the book you are currently reading. What's happening and what do you think of it so far? If you are able to write more than one easily--be sure to write two and not one!


3) "Soy Yo" Video Response (Quick Write) -- This was a quick write we did in class. We watched the music video "Soy Yo." You took notes and then wrote for 7 minutes about whatever the video made you think about. (If you missed class that day, you can find the video here.)  


4) Make a Heart Map -- Draw a large heart in your notebook. Then divide it into categories of what is important to you, such as People, Places and Things.  Next list several items in each category.  Then try to think of specific moments or memories for each item (or many of them.)  Your heart map will help you find things to write about as you begin to craft your personal narratives.  The heart map is something you can always add more to.




​​5) Something from My Heart Map -- Write about  one item from your heart map in detail.  As with entry #2, you should write at least one paragraph (3-5 sentences), but if you can write more, write more.


6) I Know I Can (Quick Write) -- In-class quick write in response to a video.  (See #3 for details about quick writes.)  If you missed this video in class, choose another song that you like, listen to it, and then write continuously for 7 minutes. List or jot down what you hear and what it makes you think about.


7) Surprise (Quick Write) -- Think about the book you are reading now or recently finished. What surprises happened in the book that changed how you saw the story?  Maybe a "good" character turned out to be "bad."  Or maybe a character you didn't think you should trust saved the day. Or maybe something happened that you just DID NOT EXPECT!  Books often have a "twist" or a surprise to keep the reader hooked.  If you can't think of a surprise in a book you've ready, you may write about a movie or a game. Did the surprise make the story more interesting?


8) LTAB (Quick Write)-- Reflect on the documentary we watched in class: "Louder Than a Bomb." It was a about a high school poetry competition.  Write about which people's poem/s stand out to you--which do you think you will still remember in a month or two?  Why were those stories emotionally moving to you?  Why do you think it is powerful for people to share their stories? If you were to write and performa a poem, what would you write about?

9) New Heart Map Topic--  Write 1 page or more about a NEW topic from your heart map. Pick ONE thing from your heart map and tell me about it.  You should write at least one page.  If you are newer to writing in English, you should try to write more than you did for entry #5.  I want to see you trying to write more each week.

10) Sub Days (Quick Write)-- Do a 7-minute "quick write" in which you write about the last two days at school. You had subs in many of your classes. I want to know what it was like. What happened? Was it fun to see new adults in your class or did it make you nervous? What did you do the past two days? What was something funny that happened? What was something that made you mad?  Write for 7 minutes and see where your writing takes you.

11) October 11--Describe in 3 sentences why you chose the seat you did. Then write down everything you know about The Crossover in preparation for our quiz.