How do I see my student's grades and assignments in Campus?

The Campus portal is here.  To get your log-in info, call the phone number listed below or call Denise in the main office. Their previous school year account name and password no longer works. In August parents were mailed a letter with the new account information.
If you don't know your One Stop username and password, parents/guardians
may contact the school office or call the temporary (until 11/1) One Stop
Help Line at 651-744-5145 for assistance. For more information on One Stop
usernames and passwords go to

Is it possible to turn in work late?

Yes. You have until the end of the quarter to turn in late assignments or make-up assignments. We have Standards Based Grading at Humboldt, so the goals is for students to meet the standards, not to be punished for late work. That said, class work and homework is designed to build on each other as time goes on. Saving all your work for the last week of the quarter is not a great idea--it will not support you in growing your reading and writing abilities.

What is Humboldt's Electronics policy?

Follow the read and green electronics sign in each classroom to know when it is okay to have tech out.

1st Offense: Rule reminder

2nd Offense: Verbal reminder

3rd Offense: Level 2 referral, electronic in office until 2pm

4th Offense: Parent notified to pick up electronic in office

Hall & Lunchroom: electronics okay

* If your iPad is not being used appropriately, your teacher can request your iPad to be checked out each day and you won't be able to take it home.