April 25, 2020

(drafted earlier this month)

I watched a video of a friend, an art therapist, talking to a local public radio personality about using art therapy activities to cope during social distancing and I cried because my first thought was: this is the kind of work we should be doing in schools. But we mostly don’t.

Just before the covid-19 response kicked in here we were on strike. Watching and experiencing the switch from adversarial strike mode, returning to the top-down model as we hard shifted into “distance learning” prep, was like watching several car crashes all at once, standing next to them and figuring out how to react, deflect, respond...so intense and confusing. Some people going into h...

December 8, 2019

This weekend I returned to a handful of articles by Gay Ivey, looking for inspiration for building the reading community in my classroom. (Click on her image at right for her google scholar citations. Also Peter H. Johnston, her collaborator on several of the articles.) 

I am going to excerpt two of them here--I will try not to paste the articles in their entirety, though I will want to. In reviewing these I felt regret that I never was able to visit a classroom at a high school in Madison that was built on these strategies during my time there, but I also felt edified about the practices that I hesitate to bring into my own classroom because I feel they are counterproductive....

November 27, 2019

 This is a book I've had in my stack for awhile but I finally dove into it a couple weeks ago, finishing it in a few days. I usually love Lisa Delpit's work, so it was not surprising that I got into this book, but I didn't realize that it had an anthropological focus. Parts of the book examines the cultural specificity of literacy practices, and how school may unknowingly alienate groups of students by promoting only one type of literacy and communication. It's really worth a read! It helped me better understand some of the things I really dislike about my current school's curriculum.  Soon I hope to read something more recent of hers to see how her ideas are evolving...

June 9, 2019

Christina of @teachlikeagirl is one of my favorite educators to learn from on instagram.

She is currently offering her Teacher Researcher course at a discounted price of $38. I'm going to work on it this summer. Want to join me? Read more by clicking the image below.  

(I am getting no kickbacks from this link, I just really like her work.)

May 18, 2019

We have three weeks left of school. I started the year by writing a letter to my students, and I will end the year with a letter, too. A draft of a poem came to me the other night and I typed it up this morning. It will likely go through more editing before I give it to them, but I'm sharing it's current state here, for memory's sake or for anyone who wants or needs to be reminded about 6th grade moments.


June 2019

Dear 6th graders, soon-to-be 7th graders,

This has been a long and challenging year. My dad died, I started at a new school, woke up way too early every day and had more students than I’ve ever had before. I’m figuring out a curriculum that’s not always my favorite, tryi...

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